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    Some gluten free sweets and beer at @getwellbar for the launch of @bunnersbakeshop cookbook.

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    Great #Sunday #music with A Little Rambunctious @bellwoodsbeer

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    With the garage door open, it's time for patio beers and a little Rambunctious music at @bellwoodsbeer

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    Lunch @bellwoodsbeer - #salumi #bread and of course #beer #Sunday

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    Looking for a cute puppy as a new family member. Head to @unleashedinthecity for adoption day today. #cute #puppies #adoption

Don’t Tell Mama – there’s a new gallery on Ossington

About 10 days ago another new gallery  and art space called Don’t Tell Mama opened on Ossington, just south of Watusi and beside the soon-to-open Amaya restaurant at 108 Ossington. They had their first event on December 19th featuring work from Laura Scholey, Soux Ellis, and D’Andrea Bowie, all various multi-media visual artists.

We like their new sign and storefront on the street, although we haven’t yet found their website or other social media to keep us in the loop on what’s coming up. Let us know if you come across them.


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