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Toronto Sketchfest Troupe Profile: Ladystache

Ladystache is a Toronto troupe performing in this year’s Sketchfest. They’ll be performing at the Lower Ossington Theatre on opening night of the festival, November 8 at 10PM. Allison Hogg and Stephanie Tolev are Ladystache, and they have responded to our profile questions:

 How did you get involved with the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival?

We got involved with the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival last year, we had done the Montreal Sketch Festival the year before as our first festival and wanted to do one in our home town, well where we live now. 

What other troupe’s show at this year’s Festival do you most want to see?

We are excited to see Two kids one hall, Falcon Powder and Cheap Smokes, they are always fun to watch. 

 Why should we come to see your show?

You should come see LadyStache because we appeal to all audiences, we perform silly, non gender specific comedy that ranges from crazy characters, to ridiculous puppet sketches to the two of slapping each other as hard as we possible can. Sounds violent but it is actually very humorous even while we are doing it. We never refer to what sex were playing, even if there is a moustache involved. We have so much fun on stage and are very loose, most of our sketches have never been done the exact same way twice. If you like a high energy and silly character based sketch comedy show you will really enjoy LadyStache.  

What is your favourite place on Ossington? If you haven’t been to Ossington, where do you most want to go?
 Some of our favourite places to hang out on Ossington are the Dakota, Sweaty Bettys and Crooked Star, just to name a few. 

To prepare for next week’s show, check out some of Ladystache’s comedy right here:

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