Rumored openings on Ossington

A couple of cafes are expected to open soon on Ossington. No, I am not talking about Salt Wine Bar, which has surpassed Union as the longest wait for an opening on the strip (hopefully it will be as worth the wait as Union!).  Actually, there are two places coming to Ossington between Queen and Dundas which are already known to Torontonians from other neighborhoods.

First we have Te Aro Coffee, which is already serving the coffee-mad masses in Leslieville. Both the Facebook account and the Twitter feed for Te Aro have revealed a new location will be open on Ossington in July, and there are hints it will be in the space once home to Get Real Cafe.

Next, Tasteto revealed today that Goed Eten, formerly of Kensington Market, is taking over the lease once belonging to Semolina Bakery. Now, if they serve the waffles and frites as advertised, Goed Eten will be brilliant if they stay open beyond 5pm on weekdays, and if they are open after midnight on weekends, they’ll pack em in!