Ossington Businesses in The News

Multiple Ossington businesses are in the news, so it’s time for a round-up of this press coverage.  As always, there’s a lot going on and Toronto is watching – and talking about it!

Superpoint is open and people are excited about the new pizza place

When Superpoint opened, we tried it out and liked it. Guess what? We weren’t the only ones! Toronto Life also likes the new Ossington restaurant, and got some great food photos. And the takeout window is open, just in time for the cold weather.

Fashionistas are thrilled to borrow dresses from Studio Fitzroy

After moving into their permanent space around the corner on Dundas, Studio Fitzroy changed focus to dress rentals. As a result, the boutique is getting deserved attention for their unique to Toronto designer gown borrowing options. With the holidays and all the accompanying parties and events approaching, an outfit from Fitzroy is worth trying!

Music Fans are celebrating Rotate This on its 25th Anniversary

Rotate This in the news 25 Years

We’ve only had Rotate This on Ossington for a few months, but the shop has been a Toronto music staple for 25 years. They’re celebrating with a party this Saturday, and Now has a great profile/interview looking back at some of the store’s high points.

Motif has leased their main floor to menswear store Reigning Champ

People are living in the building at 41 Ossington, and now we know what retailer will take over the main floor of Motif Lofts. It’s Vancouver menswear company Reigning Champ, which will add to the draw of Ossington to shoppers.

Halloween in Ossington Village

halloween-witch-hatHalloween is only a week away, and there are a lot of different ways to celebrate Halloween on Ossington in the days between now and next Monday. Some are free, some are not, and some are good for children too!

Here’s a round-up of the Halloween celebrations in Ossington Village.

Updated to include Opera Bob’s on Saturday night


The Art of Darkness, Artscape YoungplaceOssington Halloween Art of Darkness Logo

October 28, 5-8PM, free admission, all ages

Artscape Youngplace is offering a host of Halloween related activities, mostly for kids and their parents this Friday night from 5-8pm. The event takes over most of the Shaw Street building and includes performances and interactive activities like painting and stickers.

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MoTo Snack Bar Now Open on Dundas West

themotogoDundas West has a new snack bar. Called MoTo Coffee and Snack Bar, it’s a new business in the space formerly occupied by Porter House and Brockton General at 1321 Dundas West. That Instagram account is their online presence.

There are a lot of restaurants serving snacks around these parts, but MoTo stands out with a menu of predominantly Italian snack food, with many ingredients imported straight from Italy. The chef, Wes Hains, has experience at big name Italian restaurants in the city like Gusto and Piano Piano.

MoTo Snack Bar opened earlier this month, but we just stopped in last night. It wasn’t the best time for them; they were having a private function, so we haven’t tried the food yet. The opportunities to taste Italian snacks are pretty good, however: MoTo is open and serving food every night starting at 6pm. In addition, they’ve got Italian wines, craft beers and coffee on offer.

The space looks great. They’ve reconfigured it so the bar is not all the way in the back of the place; it’s alongside the west wall, with some tables and chairs up front, and seating at the bar. This gives the room a more welcoming feel, and the people we met last night added to that welcome.


A couple of photos are below. Let us know if you’ve been to MoTo Snack Bar.

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Main Drug Mart Moving Down Dundas West

Main Drug Mart, which has long held the southwest corner position at Dundas and Ossington, is moving down the street to 1169 Dundas Street West.Main Drug Mart moving

1169 Dundas Street West used to be the home to a Portuguese store called Silver Town. I never really visited that store, but it’s not a corner lot like the current Drug Mart space, so appears to be smaller.

No word as to why the move from the prime corner spot at 1147 Dundas Street West. I stopped in at the existing location the other day to find out more, but couldn’t get an answer from staffers as to why the business is moving. They did deny the building being sold, so maybe rent went up and/or they want a smaller space.

The move is scheduled to be done pretty quickly: the new store will be open for a community celebration on Monday, October 31.

Tocino Boys Will Bring Filipino Flavor to Ossington

Tocino Boys are moving their popular Filipino street food kitchen to La Porte on Ossington.


About Tocino Boys

Tocino Boys is run by chef John DeBlois, and serves street food with a Filipino twist, including tacos, burgers, poutine, and more. Located out of the kitchen at Midpoint on Queen West for the last couple of years, the move to Ossington is for more space, and a great location! They’ve been lauded with good reviews from Now Toronto and are part of a burgeoning Filipino food scene in Toronto.

About La Porte

La Porte, generally known as one of Ossington’s clubby bars for drinking and dancing, hasn’t served food in the entire 3 years they’ve been in business at 214 Ossington. The addition of this kitchen to their space changes their hours and, probably, their clientele to an extent.

Tocino Boys on Ossington

According to their Facebook post, the kitchen will be open from 6-10PM (days are not specified) and late night from 10pm-2:45am on weekends. Location is 214 Ossington, on the west side of the street near Dundas. No word on when exactly the grand opening will be, but we’ll stop in for some Filipino eats and post about it here.

Ossington and adjacent Dundas West, is a snack food capital of Toronto, and the addition of this well reviewed kitchen to our hood is only making it harder to not eat out every single night.


The Golden Girls Are Putting On A Show At the LOT

thankyoufriendpromoThe Golden Girls are at Lower Ossington Theatre (LOT)!

Not the real Golden Girls, but puppets that sure look like them, and actors that sure sound like them! If you were a fan of the 80s sitcom when it originally aired, or became a fan over the succeeding years through reruns, this modern day incarnation, Thank You For Being a Friend, should amuse you and your friends.

I went with a group of friends last night and can tell you all about it!

It’s like watching new episodes of The Golden Girls

The 2 hour show at Lower Ossington Theatre, really less than 2 hours with an intermission, is like watching episodes of the show only in the theatre with live people and puppets. The characters and setting are the same, but the scripts are updated with modern-day references. The storylines are all familiar from the series itself and you’ll watch scenes in both their living room and their kitchen. They even have some cheesecake! Did you know that The Golden Girls ran from 1985-1992 and had 180 episodes!? Consider this a 183 episodes and sit back and enjoy.

Thank You For Being a Friend

The living room set at LOT

The actors and puppets really bring The Golden Girls to life

The actors and puppets do a great job of bringing The Golden Girls to life. The puppets look like the characters themselves, especially Dorothy! When we were reading the program before the show, a few of us noticed that all the puppets are voiced by women, except Dorothy! And the actor/puppeteer Jeremy Crittenden really captures Bea Arthur’s deep and masculine sounding voice. Sometimes you might think it’s herself.

Hot Topics

For a mainstream sitcom about 4 elderly ladies living together in Miami, Golden Girls tackled a lot of controversial topics of the time. I don’t want to give anything away, but these ladies still love sex, are gay friendly, and insult each other with abandon.

The key details

Thank You For Being a Friend, The Golden Girls Experience is playing at LOT

  • LOT is at 100 Ossington Avenue
  • The Golden Girls Experience shows are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm; Saturday and Sunday matinees
  • Tickets cost $49.99, $59.99 for kitchen table seating up front, with a slice of cheesecake. For $15 more, you can do a meet and greet after the show!
  • Show is running until November 20th
Golden Girls Audience

Our crew after the show last night


Superpoint is Now Open On Ossington

One of the most hotly anticipated new restaurant openings of the fall is a new pizza place at 184 Ossington. The newest venture from the team behind the extremely popular Queen West hotspot Bar Fancy has opened Super Point on Ossington.

We stopped in to the new restaurant and checked it out last night. Chef Jonathan Poon has run some great Toronto restaurants and with the latest, he’s moved from Bar Fancy’s fried chicken to pizza and pasta on Ossington.

The restaurant used to be an architecture office, and they’ve converted to a take-out window in the very front (take out not ready yet), a bar and some small tables further back. It’s a small restaurant, even for Ossington, and probably has room for no more than 40 people.

Super Point just opened on Monday night, but so far the menu of pizzas, salads, snacks and pastas is a great fit for the street. We’ll keep you posted when the take-out window is open.

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Candy Store Coming to Dundas and Ossington

1134 Dundas Street West is going to be a candy store! This is the former home of Lakeview Convenience,  a grocery store aligned with The Lakeview Restaurant. The next business planning to occupy the space at the northeast of Dundas and Ossington is Sweet Addictions Candy Co.

There’s not much else to go on, as we can’t find any information about this place. However, if you like candy, this is going to be good for you! Or bad. Depends on how you look at life.

1232 Dundas West

The exterior of 1134 Dundas Street West with Sweet Addictions Coming Soon

Know anything about Sweet Addictions? Let us know! We’ll keep you posted when we learn anything!

Smoke Signals Barbecue Now Open on Dundas West

smokesignalslogoSmoke Signals Barbecue is now open on Dundas West. The new restaurant opened very quietly on Thursday with a soft opening.  We stopped in to 1242 Dundas Street West last night to enjoy a few sharing plates so we could sample a lot of their meats and sides.

Despite the lack of promotion for their opening aside from one instagram post, the new barbecue restaurant was hopping last night and food was flying out of the kitchen.

The menu covers everything you’d expect in BBQ favorites in mains and side dishes. Hopefully they have a vast supply of everything because methinks this place is going to be popular.

Smoke Signals Barbecue Menu Board

The menu board on the wall at Smoke Signals Barbecue

After their quick test run of the last two nights, Smoke Signals is shutting down for the weekend. They plan to reopen on Wednesday night and should be on regular hours after that.

Here’s a shot of their menu and some of the sharing plates on offer:

Smoke Signals BBQ menu

The Smoke Signals Menu


Lust for Lashes Opening On Dundas West

lfllogoIt looks like Abacus Lofts on Dundas West found a tenant for one of their two ground floor vacancies. Lust for Lashes is opening at 1241 Dundas West tomorrow, according to the notice on their home page.

The main focus of Lust for Lashes is eyelash extensions, plus other eye beauty like eyelash tinting and eyebrow threading and waxing.

Current customers of Lust for Lashes should be happy as it is staying within the neighborhood, as it’s most recent home was Queen just east of Dovercourt and 1241 Dundas West is west of Ossington between Grove and Dovercourt. For those hearing about Lust for Lashes for the first time, the online reviews are very good.

Online booking is available. Opening hours will be every day including Mondays.


Lust for Lashes

Lust for Lashes Opens Tomorrow